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    Creating Play That Moves You requires dedication, research and a fierce passion for bringing a higher level of play to communities. The results are more than worth the effort. There isn't a better way to connect on the playground - whether it's an adult and a child or two kids. The fusion of traditional and active-based play lays the foundation for an environment where everyone can develop physically, emotionally, socially and congnitively through play. It fosters opportunities for the types of experiences that bring communities together and move us in so many ways. Join Our Movement and see how you can bringa higher level of play to your community!


       Creator of PLAYFUL & SPORTS SPACES





    QUALI-Cite Provides a full programme of "Considered Design" children's playground equipment. The term "Considered Design" encompasses all the essential requirements met by QUALI-Cite playground equipment.

    From design to manufacture, QUALI-Cite is expert in every step in the production of top-of-the-range playground equipment for children.

    We focus on:

    Aesthetic Appeal
    Service Quality
    Ease of maintenance



    Linie M - Metal Shape Color


    Since more than 25 years Linie M – Metall Form Farbe – GmbH is manufacturing state-of-the-art playground equipment made from stainless steel and steel. Nearly just as long we have been manufacturing the worldwide known products of conlastic, Germany.

    We would be very appreciated to be the supplier of your choice if it comes to state-of-the-art playground equipment for your unique and fantastic playgrounds now.



    Outdoor Musical Instruments For Everyone, Everywhere



    The Complete Sensory Resource For All Generations












    For Kidz Since 1984







  • We love what we do,

    and do what we can best.




    Ideal for high use playgrounds and enhances the creative and inviting play equipment of today.


     In-Situ Safety Flooring




    THE SENSES  challenging city spaces with bold new urban furniture.









    We set the standard. We lead the field.




    Game · Play · Fitness








    Expert In Custom-made Protective Nets Flexible To Your Needs, High Precise Manufacturing Process








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